April 2
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Authentic Thai Fare Is on the Menu at Street Noodle

When you find yourself with an urge for Thai food, nothing else will do. You want nothing more than to bite into that red or green curry, your go-to variety of fried rice, or one of many delicious noodles. Here in Pittsburgh, you don’t need to look any further than Street Noodle, a newly opened option with flavors for every palate. 

Like any good source of Thai cuisine, you’ll find an array of appetizers, soups, curries, and stir-fries at Street Noodle. Craving crab rangoon? You’ll find it at Street Noodle. Salivating at the thought of spring rolls? Street Noodle can satiate your desire. 

And, of course, you’ll find noodle options to enjoy—even if you want to try a new variety every time you stop by. Enjoy a noodle soup with options like sukothai or beef stew, or classic Thai stir-fries like pad see yew or drunken noodles. With the protein of your choice, you can slurp rice or egg noodles bolstered by your favorite flavors. 

Whether you’re craving your longtime Thai favorites or testing out a new-to-you cuisine, Street Noodle has delicious menu items you’re sure to enjoy. From spicy shellfish to coconut milk-based curries, there’s little doubt you’ll find your new favorite dish over a Street Noodle dinner.

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