November 2
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BreadWorks Bakery: A Pittsburgh Institution Just Moments From Glasshouse

How did all your quarantine bread baking go? When you’re ready to go back to letting the professionals handle the job, there’s only one place to call. BreadWorks Bakery is a Pittsburgh institution for a reason. They have the best and most delicious bread, plus every form of the doughy perfection for your daily needs. And while BreadWorks is available in a variety of grocery and specialty stores throughout the area, you can also shop directly from the source. Either give the friendly team a call, or use their online ordering page to get a loaf of that, and a dozen of those. Whether it’s just French bread and hoagie buns to have on hand, or you need a big order of potato rolls and saltsticks for snacking during your next Steelers game day party, BreadWorks Bakery has is all. Visit the website to place your order, or for quick and easy instructions on how to take advantage of curbside pick-up.

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