September 21
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Doughbar Pizzeria & Rotisserie: A Must-Try Eatery Near Glasshouse

New restaurants tend to come and go in the Southside pretty quickly, but Doughbar Pizzeria & Rotisserie has the staying power of a Carson Street fixture. Look for a menu of inventive pizzas and classic rotisserie chicken, plus plenty of cool bar drinks and Pittsburgh-style starters. If you’re sticking to pizza, choose from medium-thick crust, or the eatery’s signature two-day pan that undergoes a 48 hour rise process. The result certainly lives up to the Doughbar name, and is thick, chewy, and a carb-lover’s dream. Other options include hoagies, salads, and whole or half Gerber’s Amish Farm chickens, each brined and slow-roasted and served a la carte or with sides. If you’re dining in over a Bianco pizza with friends, take a chicken to go for sandwiches, salad toppers, and quick lunches all week long. 

Doughbar Pizzeria & Rotisserie is located on Carson and 18th, in the spot where Steel Cactus used to be. Grab a table with the waitlist feature on the website, or just walk in to satisfy a pizza craving.

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