August 17
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Emerald View Park: A Must-Stop Spot for Sunsets Near Glasshouse

Whether you’re new to Pittsburgh or have lived here for years, there’s something special about sitting down and watching the sunset over the skyline. The best spot in the city to do that may be Emerald View Park. The design of this 257-acre park was started in 2005, so it’s still fairly new in the grand scheme of things and there are still parts that are being developed on an ongoing basis. But for the most part, it’s a lovely place to go and explore where old meets new in our fair city. 

Part of the park was an old coal hill that was mined in the 1700s and was destroyed with litter and trash over the years. It was the plans for Emerald View Park that started the restoration of that lush land that now features clean winding trails, beautiful hills, and stunning views. They even restored sandstone steps from the Depression era that you’ll find as you wander. The transformation is incredible. Today, as you explore you’ll find tons of trails that go on for miles, baseball fields and basketball courts—if you’re lucky you’ll stumble on a pickup game, a playground for the kiddos, and restaurants and shopping nearby so you can sit down to a meal after a day of exploration and watching the sunset before your eyes. 

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