May 9

Monterey Bay Fish Grotto: Fresh Seafood and Hearty Food with Spectacular Views of the Beautiful Steel City

Fresh seafood with incredible views of the gorgeous city of Pittsburgh, PA what more could you ask for in a place to dine? At Monterey Bay Fish Grotto you can experience just that. The building is designed for a scenic view, with glass windows covering the entire two-story building and tasteful, modern decor, and with a menu that is full of tasty seafood and other expertly crafted cuisines, you certainly won’t find it easy to pick just one dish to try! 

Popular first-course menu items include the heirloom tomato salad, spicy kung pao shrimp, and crispy calamari. For dinner choose one of the many different chef selections which include the parmesan scallops and crab, fried chicken, blackened shrimp, and creamy butternut squash ravioli. Or, take a stab at one of the 10 different fresh fish of the day choices, which rotate on a cycle. 

Finally, don’t forget dessert and drinks! Customers are extremely satisfied with the triple chocolate delight, which is a creamy, chocolatey, mix of devils food cake, dark truffle filling, buttercream, and oat milk ganache. To drink, choose wines from the premium Chairman’s selections or a zesty cocktail. 

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