September 16
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Pennsylvania Macaroni Co.: An Essential Grocery Store Near Glasshouse

While the name hints to a mac and cheese shop, Pennsylvania Macaroni Co. is actually one of the best Italian groceries in PA! This family-owned and -operated shop was started in 1902 and is now a local institution. It all started as a pasta manufacturing plant but has grown into so much more. They now stock more than 5,000 products in their Strip District shop along with freshly made Italian eats. But, if you don’t want to head to the shop, they’ve also embraced the world of technology and now you can order online for delivery and pickup.

One fun thing to do if you’re looking for something different—try one of their monthly clubs! They offer a cheese of the month club that comes with four, half-pound blocks of cheese, fresh linguine of the month club with two pounds of linguine and pasta sauce, a fresh ravioli of the month club with fresh ravioli and sauce, and a quarterly extra virgin olive oil club! 

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