August 31
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Shop for a Little Bit of Everything at Larrimor’s

With a long history of providing discounted women and men’s clothing to the retail sector in Pittsburgh, Larrimor’s is a fun and unique place to shop for anything you could possibly have in mind. It all started in 1939 at the height of WW2, when Harry Slesinger and Larry Morris created a storefront boutique shop that appealed to the masses. Even with clothing rations and inventory shortages, the two were able to withstand the economy during the Depression.

Today, Larrimor’s is still featured in the heart of the Steel City and offers women’s clothes, men’s apparel, décor items, jewelry, and even specialty perfumes and colognes. The store itself is quite a sight to see, but don’t let the beauty fool you, items at Larrimor’s are always priced reasonably and are affordable for everyone!

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