February 27
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Swish and Savor Italian Wines at Talia, Located Just Moments From Glasshouse

The Italian inspiration is obvious at Talia—just take a look at the bar. It’s stocked with more than 40 wines sourced directly from Italy, as well as an impressive variety of Italian Amari. The vino and cocktails complement a menu that’s also distinctly Mediterranean, emphasizing house-crafted pastas, rotisserie-seared meats, and veggie-based antipasti.

Grab a table and start with a few small plates like the hot sausage meatballs with Pomodoro and baked ricotta and the broccolini tossed with onion, garlic, and pine nuts. Then savor a plate of pasta, perhaps the linguini with Grana Padano and pink peppercorn or the ricotta gnocchi with brisket. If you have a larger appetite, the full entrees include options such as porchetta with caramelized onion and Brussels sprouts, strip steak with marsala sauce, and even leg of lamb over polenta.

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